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Tips to Recognize if Your Mom, Dad or Grandparents Need an Personal Response System

November 01, 2014

Since I have been juggling a busy professional life and corporate commitments for years now, apart from caring for my aging parents, I know what it's like to be constantly worried about your parents' health and safety. With so many cases of senior citizens being unattended after a fall or dying of a sudden heart attack while being alone at home, even hiring a caregiver hardly gives us the peace of mind that we may need at this crucial juncture. If you too are at your wit's end as to what the solution is, my suggestion is to install an elderly alert system.

You may be wondering whether your aging parents or grandparents really need such a device. Trust me, they will thank you once they get used to such a system, which will really change their lives for the better. However, if you are not sure whether installing such a system is a good choice, here are some tell-tale signs that the elderly in your family need a medical alert system:

  • Ailing health: Do your parents or grandparents suffer from illnesses or some other medical conditions every now and then? Do you find it problematic to get medical attention in the dead of night when they suddenly fall ill? Have you been taking leave from work to ensure that your elderly loved ones get the right treatment and medical attention since no one is there to look after them? If yes, you need to install the medical alert system right away.

  • Prone to falls: If your aging family members are prone to falls, and you fear that no one may be around when this may happen, it's definitely a good idea to get an elderly alert system installed.

  • Limited mobility: Though the elders in your family may be in perfect health and have no medical issues to worry about, they may need help from time to time due to their limited mobility. What if a robber forces his way into the house or if they experience discomfort or pain all of a sudden? You would surely want help to reach them quickly, wouldn't you? I have seen how bad such situations can get if timely help is not made available to such individuals. So, take my advice and go for elderly alert systems without a second thought.

  • Feeling disoriented: If your parents or grandparents have a history of feeling disoriented all of a sudden and are unable to do their chores normally, keeping them under constant monitoring by professional experts would be a good idea. In case you decide in favor of such monitoring, installing an elderly alert system would be the most prudent and cost-effective way of handling such situations should they occur when you are away from home.

  • Living in constant fear or anxiety: If your grandparents or parents live in constant fear of what would happen to them in case of a fire or theft and cease to enjoy normal day to day activities as a result, the best way to offer them safety and peace of mind is by installing an elderly alert system. If you too worry about their safety and security should a robber forcefully enter the home, or should a smoke or fire go unnoticed while you are away, such a device will help you and your loved ones breathe easier.

Senior citizens recuperating from a recent surgery or those suffering from mental ailments would also benefit greatly from such medical alert systems. My suggestion is to use these and the above listed parameters to determine if your home really needs an elderly alert system. Once you realize that it does, don't delay in installing one.

If you are still undecided, I would like to discuss some of the benefits that such a system can offer which can prove conclusive when you opt for an elderly alert system.

Since most of these alert systems come with a console and a pendant, each of which have a button on them, your loved ones can easily summon help with a simple push of the button in case an emergency arises when you are unavailable. If they are able to speak, they can talk to the customer care representative, tell him or her about the nature of the emergency, and seek help. The representative will then get in touch with you, a neighbor, a family member, friend, doctor, or ambulance services or paramedics if required, and send them over to help the individual who is in need of attention.

In case your parents and grandparents are not able to talk, they can simply push a button to alert a motion or health sensor, which in turn will be picked up by those monitoring the device, thus bringing help their way. Some new-age elderly alert systems even come with emergency signals that are set off the moment an individual wearing it is experiencing some physical discomfort, has become unconscious, or suffered a fall.

I know that many senior citizens feel confused when an emergency arises. They may even forget about pushing the button to summon help in such situations, which is why having their health constantly monitored is crucial to their receiving help even if they didn't ask for it or were unable to.

Elderly alert systems can save lives and offer a safe and secure environment for your loved ones. I have seen how many elders are not happy with a decision to enter a care facility as they love their home and feel very secure in a familiar environment. So, it's justified that they be given a chance to live life on their own terms while you make arrangements for their health and safety by installing an elderly alert system.

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