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Tenderness: Everyone Needs It Sometimes!

September 1, 2014

It can seem so easy for us to lose track of what is important in our busy lives. With work, shopping, exercise, our kids, hobbies. Ours days can seem so full and go by so fast that we start to take our mother or father's emotional well being for granted. And, these needs very often increase in correspondingly with their age. And why wouldn't they? As we age, too, we lose contact with old friends, things change, and world almost begins to pass us all by. To the elderly these can dramatically affect mental well being and self worth. Many studies have incontrovertibly proven that a healthy mental attitude is a huge part of maintaining physical health.

Spending time: Spending time with your aging parents is the most obvious sign that you love them and the clearest signal that you value their opinions and company. Just going for a short walk, playing a game, or watching a television program that they enjoy once a day may be all it takes to keep their spirits lifted and their minds active and engaged.

Everyone has ups and downs: Sometimes the elderly may need a little more tlc than usual. Depression is a very real disease and can manifest itself in many way and for many different reasons both psychological and physiological. Minor depression can often be combated with activities as simple as light physical activity or just spending some time outdoors in the sunshine every day, or even interactions with friendly, gentle dogs and cats. However, unfortunately, major depression can be a pernicious adversary for the elderly. If you suspect this to be the problem, it is important that you contact your health care provider for guidance. A healthy mind can add years of happiness to a person's lifespan. You can find an excellent website to consult regarding the causes and symptoms of major depression, as well as relevant therapies, and be found here:


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