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Life-Or-Death ... We Make A Difference

January 16, 2016

In Matters of Life-or-death, We Make A Difference

Although we aren't doctors, we have saved lives. Personal Response Corporation has an important role in the community. People trust us with their lives and we are held accountable. And so, when we saw a post on Senior List's website urging medical alert system providers to pay attention to consumers, we were intrigued.

The Senior List, an online community-driven portal which links families to quality products and senior services, is an advocate of medical alert systems. However, it is "trying to change the mindset of medical alert system manufacturers, by asking them to pay more attention to the needs of consumers." As they point out, we've come a long way since that laughable, campy "I've fallen and I can't get up" commercial, but there are still issues that need to be addressed.

Their complaint? "Many of these manufacturers/dealers have forgotten about the consumer the minute the device is shipped out the door. When the medical alert company sells you an alert device, you instantly become a valuable annuity to the seller. A typical consumer pays a nominal fee for the equipment, and then pays a monthly annuity in the form of a monitoring fee for the alert's monitoring services. This isn't chump-change, and consumers should expect good value/good service for their hard earned money."

Among the group's criticisms is the inability to speak to a live person regarding customer service issues. We agree that this is important, which is why Personal Response Corporation's exclusive customer service is open 8-5 Monday through Friday EST and on call (with a live operator) after that. We pride ourselves in the art of customer service and that is why when you call you will not be getting the monitoring center or a cold calling operator. You will be getting an individual who is dedicated to your wellbeing and our monitoring equipment working the way it is suppose to!

A second issue the group wants addressed: "Customers should able to exchange faulty equipment for operational equipment at no charge." We stand by that and if your rented system is not working properly and cannot be fixed remotely we will replace it at no charge. We want you to feel safe – and be happy with your decision to work with us.

Their third issue? "You should expect that if you aren't satisfied with your current provider, you can walk away with no penalty for doing so." Absolutely essential, we believe. That's why we offer 100 percent satisfaction. There are no hidden fees. If for any reason you are not in need of our system … just return it to us for a refund of any pre-paid subscription amount not utilized already.

Personal Response Corporation is here to help. It's that simple.
We support the comments referenced above and then some. Call us and you will see for yourself.

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