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Christmas in October?

October 04, 2015

That time of year is creeping up on us again! Known to everyone as "The Holidays", it's a time of joy, festivities, gratitude, family get-togethers and many other heartwarming nuances that fill the greeting cards we'll soon receive in the mail. With that said, the holidays also bring a side of figgy pudding, stress, lots of delicious food, stress, catchy jingles and oh yeah, STRESS! But has anyone noticed what time of year it actually is? We are at the start of October and I'm already seeing Christmas on the shelves. Seriously, it's unbelievable and plain ol' crazy how early the holidays seem to arrive every year.

So this year, Personal Response is taking advantage of the pre-holiday madness with an early promotion of our own to make your life a little more joyful. We've decided to lower the price of our most popular medical alert unit to $19.95 a month. That's the lowest it will be all year! We understand that life around the holidays can be a little hectic. You've probably started to pick up the pace at work, traffic seems to be getting worse, you have to do the groceries and your car is running on empty. Not to mention you still have to pass by mom or dad's house to make sure they are OK. At this rate you're bound to have errands pile up as fast as holiday TV specials flood our programming. For those of us that are taking care of a parent that's hectic times two. In many ways the holiday season may lose some of its charm and appeal even if we see it coming as early as October but it doesn't have to be that way.

Here at Personal Response we know what it's like to have such a responsibility on your mind. Our medical alert service has been helping families stay jolly since 1990. That's over 20 holiday seasons of good tidings, merry moments, and family photos. I know what you are thinking, "but emergency alert systems don't seem like a good idea to give as a gift" and you're all but sure that it will be equivalent to giving a lump of coal. It's not surprising to hear that an emergency alert system may not fall under the most conventional or desired of gifts to give. Surely you can think back to a time you received a gift from mom or dad that was less than ideal. Maybe it was a pair of socks or a handmade sweater. Whatever the case, it was given with love and foresight that it could protect you from having blistery feet or to provide warmth on a chilly day.

So this year leave the worrisome past and "bah humbuggery" to old Scrooge and get mom or dad the most useful gift for $19.95 a month. That's the lowest price you'll find anywhere online, guaranteed. What's passed is past, let us worry about the future for you and get back to enjoying the present with your family.

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