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An A+ From the BBB but what does that mean?

December 19, 2015

In this fast-paced, constantly changing world, things change in an instant. Cell phones have replaced pagers. Eight-track players have faded into oblivion, swapped for IPods. And on and on.

But one thing hasn't changed: An A still signals a sense of pride, a job well done. And an A+? Even better.
From report cards to theses, the closer the grade to the start of the alphabet, the better. Even the Better Business Bureau adheres to that practice. Companies covet a high BBB rating. But there's no guarantee they will be given the highest score of A+.

The agency looks at 16 different factors when determining the grade – including length of time the business has been operating and the number of complaints filed against it.

Why is this so important? An article on the BBB website explains:
"BBB ratings are different from many consumer review sites. BBB's ratings are based on standards and developed using objective information and actual incidences of a business' behavior that are verified and evaluated by BBB professionals."

The rating system makes it easy for consumers to see a company's track record for service and integrity – among other things.
But, the agency warns: "Now that your BBB is using letter-grades (they previously used satisfactory or unsatisfactory), we should warn you: not all businesses in our area passed with flying colors, in fact, some should probably be sent to the principal's office."

What does this mean for consumers?
"BBB is recommending that before making a purchasing decision about medical alert systems, consumers should check out reliability reports online to ensure that the business can be trusted. BBB is also continuing to encourage consumers to always look for the BBB Accredited Business seal in store fronts, on Web sites and on reliability reports. We think of it as an honor roll for businesses and believe that the combination of BBB Accreditation status and our improved BBB Reliability Reports™ with letter-grade ratings is a powerful and valuable resource for consumers."

We're proud to have the A+ affixed next to our name on the BBB website's Reliability Reports™.
Our grade was, in part, given for longevity in the business (Personal Response Corporation was founded in 1985) and the fact that no complaints have been filed against us. Our mission remains the same: delivering the most affordable and technologically advanced medical alert systems available in the United States.

We think that deserves an A.

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