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10 Things To Consider When You Need A Medical Alert System

January 31, 2016

Personal emergency response systems have been endorsed by everyone from AARP to Today's Caregiver magazine. But these technological wonders aren't all alike – so before you rent or purchase one, check out the guide below. The advice is culled from AARP, The Senior List, Medicare.com and consumeraffairs.com.

1) What is the range of the system? Make sure it covers the area you need. After it is installed, test out the range to make sure it is adequate. At Personal Response we ask you to do this at least once per month at no extra charge!

2. Will the company install the device or is it DIY? Most systems are very simple to install, in fact cellular units do not require any installation at all. However if installation is requested we can accommodate you.

3. Is a land line necessary? No! But cellular is not as dependable as a land line system.

4. Who staffs the company's call center? Make sure the technicians are trained, ask what the average response time is and find a company where a "live" operator is available 24/7. Ask what hours customer service is available and if there is a 24/7-customer support line available (in addition to the monitoring service).

5. What services are included? Some systems include services such as talk threw pendants and monitoring reminders or a key lock-box (which allows emergency responders to get into the house in case you can't open the door).

6. Ease of Use –Make sure the system is easy to use. How large is the emergency button? Is it easy to press? Are the instructions easy to understand?

7. Is the pendant water resistant? Since many accidents happen in the bathroom, make sure the button can be worn in the bath or shower. All pendants supplied by Personal Response are water resistant.

8. Renting or buying? Find out whether the equipment is yours or not and what happens if you no longer need it. Ask about the warranty and if the unit is replaced if it doesn't work. Inquire about the refund policy in case you are not satisfied with the service. We offer you both options on most units.

9. What is the price? What does the fee include?(for example, is the transmitter and monitoring console included in the price?)

10 Contracts Ask if there is a contract and if there are penalty fees if it is cancelled. If there is a contract, make sure you – or your children or caregiver - can cancel at any time. Read the agreement carefully before signing.

At Personal Response Corp. we stand behind our systems 100%
Should you want to return your Personal Response medical alert system for any reason, at any time, there is never a charge and you will always get your unused subscription money refunded.

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